Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Saudi Opinions: A View

This is admittedly an unscientific way to make an analysis, but I find the results interesting nonetheless. I have been reading quite a few Arab Blogs, and though I don't always agree with the opinions, those shared, are usually rational, as are the comments. I did find one stark exception: Saudi Arabia. Remember, the country who's "support" we squandered. Check out the comments on a relatively progressive Saudi Blog (not for the faint hearted):

Winer: "Even a Jew like myself sees how wrong the Israeli position is." # »


الفيلسوف | 08:47
like olmert and his fake sadness for 8ana children
jews must die bkz they all support
israel both of the parties zionists
and normal jews
we must continue hitler's job
bkz they dont want there own fake peace
israel burn to hell

Anonymous | 2/8/06 12:41
philosopher are you fucking serious? no wonder why are image as muslims is tainted by the media, it's because of bigots like you!

الفيلسوف | 14:52
anonymous if u r a jew supporter shut ure mouth
jews r a ppl of slayers and criminals
all there enemies r kids and women and old ppl
shut ure mouth bkz u all deserve to die in the ugliest way ppl can die
god just burn them thats my only hope to u .
another thing put a name so we can talk to you coward jew lover

الفيلسوف | 15:00
hitler is a good man if he burned jews but he didn't do and jews created the most biggest bullshit ever so if history made him the bad guy then let us be the bad guys too and kill them
jews r the worlds plague we must burn them all
another thing this is my opinion
so don't say the regular lies that islam said all of this thoughts
i am a normal muslim that his wish is to burn the jews

Anonymous | 2/8/06 15:43
i don't have any agenda with the jews, but i certainly don't hate them! i disaprove of the zionist movement, but a lot of jews have the same stance.

another ignorant moron who supports hitler for what he did to the jews, did you know what hitler's philosophy was? that the Aryan race was better than any race, he had an agenda to take down anyone who isn't white, the jews were apart of it but so were muslims, so go fantasize about hitler ruling the world while his soldiers stuff your family in the gas chambers

الفيلسوف | 16:09
anonymous did the gas chambers really was there??????
its a lie no one proved that there was a genocide against the jews but the jews lied and said that they where the target of hitler
hitler burned political leaders that said no to him he burned the czechs bkz they r a lower race to him he burned a lot more than non jews
so why the jews kill and destroy countries and kill children and women and run bkz they blame hitler
ok let us kill and blame it on them bkz they r killing us
jew lover think before u write
open any nmews website and see the real genocide that lebanese r facing then come tell me i love jews and they r good ppl
god burn israel

Anonymous | 3/8/06 02:38
you are an idiot

الفيلسوف | 07:23
thanx for ure stupidity that let u blind to the truth

Anonymous | 3/8/06 13:55
and because of our own society being down in the dumps you resort to these overly paranoid and violent thoughts, you should work on bettering the society instead of sticking on blaming the jews for everythingf

الفيلسوف | 14:54
oh yeah the jews can blame anyone and kill but bkz the killed is my ppl we became paranoid
jew lover stay in the darkness with ure ppl
god burn the jews
oh god destroy israel the bloody criminal country

الفيلسوف | 15:04
ok i'll take qana the first and second , sabra & shateela , deer yaseen , lebanon bombing , using weapons of destruction against civilians , geneen , rafah , and killing shiekh ahmad yaseen the handicapped hero that israel killed him with a rocket on his wheel chair , sharons entering to the holy mosque , killing of kids with all kinds of weapons bkz they throw stones at armed cars & tanks , polluting the air water and land and many other millions of reasons as an excuse to declare war against israel
so all of that is compared with hitler's "burning" bullshit
jew lover zip your mouth and don't try to defend a criminal country and nation
god burn the jews

Anonymous | 3/8/06 15:17
you keep on referring to the zionists, and the state of israel their are jews that arn't associated with israel and don't approve of what's going on there,,it's idiots like yourself who make us out to be jew haters and scare them into hating us even more

Anonymous | 3/8/06 15:33
and since when did i state i was defending or supporting israel?

الفيلسوف | 16:45
oh u wanna be loved from jews
ure making me cry
u idiot moron the state of israel is the satan's hand in this world
israel and the jews r pure evil
don't tell me we must treat them good bkz they'll treat there own non jews supporters like they always do laugh at them for there stupidity oh and the jews anti-zionist dont agree with the fight but agree to keep occupying palestine
what in the hell is this peace dont kill me and i'll keep taking ure land and killing u
the stupid jew lovers like u must think in the right way instead of just saying love and peace words
god burn israel

Anonymous | 3/8/06 22:03
you moron, again i ask, when did i defend the state of israel?

Ahmed | 3/8/06 22:08
ُI'm closing down comments on this post.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I have been working a lot the past few weeks and spending much of my remaining waking hours glued to the news. The other night while I was drifting off, I heard a very encouraging comment from Hassan Nasserallah. He said something about not hating Jews, and wanting to meet with Jewish leaders to try to figure out where all of this is comming from and perhaps achieve some healing. It sounds really big of him, I hope that we work with him on this. BTW why does Mel Gibson want to bomb Tel-Aviv?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I was watching this journalist from the British paper “The Nation” and he said something that was completely incomprehensible to me. He said that Israel would have been within it’s rights if they had gone after Hizballah in response to the kidnappings, but what they were doing was attacking Lebanon in a completely random way.
This irritated me so much, that I had to talk it over with a close friend of mine who is pretty connected in the Israeli military. When I told him about my concern, he emailed me a highly classified transcript of a conversation that pretty much explains it all.
I’ll apologize in advance, my Hebrew translation skills are fair at best, but I do believe that I captured the spirit of the conversation:

Secretary: General, we have a report of a Hizballah kidnapping. It included shelling over the border and an ambush of a patrol, two soldiers are missing and one is dead.

General Sina: That’s Great! Any rescue attempt?

Secretary: Yes sir, seven more soldiers were killed while in hot pursuit.

General Sina: Wonderful, wonderful, get me Colonel Tipesh.

Colonel Tipesh: Sir, uh how can I help you sir?

General S: Tipesh, it seems that we have a kidnapping situation in the north.

Col. Tipesh: Well Goooollllllly!

General S: Oh shut it you imbecile, If your dad wasn’t on the Council of the Elders of Zion, you wouldn’t even qualify to be an assistant felafel chef. Listen Tipsesh, I need options, and not like last time, when you went and had your dad send the Americans to Iraq. Boy do I miss Saddam, now he could kill civilians with the best of them.

Col. T : Well I have a very very good idea. Let’s take that um air force and put lots of those uh, you know, smart bombs on those there planes and let’s drop like 5,000 of them in the next couple of weeks. I figure if we aim them at where the people are, we could kill like 50 to 100 people for each bomb, and that adds up to… uh, a bunch of civilians.

General S: NO NO NO, you moron. You are even stupider than my brother in-law the accountant. If we do what you are saying, we will kill too many Hizballah fighters, and if we do that, there won’t be any incoming missles, and if there are no incoming missles, I don’t get to watch our civilians scurry to the bomb shelters. They crack me up when they scurry. No go educate yourself, watch some CNN, see what Jack Cafferty has to say. He is so serious, he always knows what everyone else should be doing. I like that guy.

Col. T.: Jack Cafferty isn’t on till the night, but I saw this Professor on the BBC.

General S: What was he like from the NATO War College?

Col. T: No sir, he was a professor of French Literature sir.

General S: Perfect, those French Lit guys sure know their stuff.

Col: T: Yest sir, well he said that we will probably overreact and do something random.

General S: Random, that’s it! Why didn’t I think of it, it’s perfect. Wait, just for kicks, lets scare the s**t out of them first. Let’s warn them, give ‘em 48 hours to get away. Sure, there will be less blood, and that’s a shame, but I love to see those f***ers scurry, heh heh heh. Oh, wait even better, lets keep the body count in the low hundreds, your gonna love this, by just targeting women and kids. That’s an order, don’t kill any Hizballah guys. Then as a joke on our boys, we can tell them all’s clear and send them in to check things out. Ha! That’ll kill them! You get it? It’ll kill them!

Colonel T: But Sir, won’t that uh kind uh mess up our alliance with the Saudis? I mean, Sir, it was rumored that an unnamed acquaintance of the sister of a Saudi source, unofficially declared “May Nasserallah stub his big toe while slaughtering the sons of pigs and monkeys.”

General S: Yes, that is a strategic alliance. Are they up to date on their Womens League for Israel dues?

Colonel T: No Sir.

General S: Bloodbath it is! This is great, if it all goes according to plan, maybe I can get out of this dead-end job, get a promotion, maybe pull the strings at the International Monetary Fund, or running Hollywood or the news media.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson didn't spin this whole problem of his very well. What he should have said was:
"Yes I was drunk, and yes I was behind the wheel, but "The Holy Ghost was working through me... Gibson has recounted when asked..."I was just directing traffic."
The Experts
Then, there are the experts. Again, with the tool of hindsight, a true expert can look at what the players in a historical development were trying to do, how they succeeded or why they failed. But in real time, I find it laughable that "Professor I Don't Speak Arabic" and "Colonel I Haven't Been In The Army Since Vietnam" know more about what to do than the command of the Israeli Army. Think about it, the people who run the institution of the army have spent their whole lives doing this, they have been selected as the small group who has advanced to leadership, they have all of the up to date intelligence that can be had, they know their own capabilities and weaknesses, and they game out the scenarios for a living. Yet somehow, all of the media gurus know better.

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Media Keeps Score
As those of you who know me know, I am a real news addict. Newspapers, tv, internet, radio, I can't get enough. Trouble is with all of our 24 hour media outlets, the myriad of talking heads, there really is not enough news at one time to be talked about. So we get this analysis, that is really the news equivalent of junk food. It's fast, it is immediatly gratifying, and it has very little value.
Due to our need for instant gratification, we want instant history. We want someone to explain to us what the story is, and how it will end, and why it ends that way. The trouble is, even with the luxury of hindsight, it takes a talented historian to make any sense of events. It takes a true genius to do so in real time, and the bunch we have doing so are clearly not geniuses. So, what we end up with is news commentary delivered as a sporting event, welcome to PGA Lebanon:

"The pressure is really on Isreal, historically the dominant player in this region, but up against the tough rookie Hizballah, who scored a big upset in the 2000 PGAL."
"Thats right Bob, Israel, a 62 handicap player, just can't seem to shake off this young upstart."
"Israel steps up to the tee, he will need a birdie to stay with Hizballh, he lines up his shot, swings, oh, this can't be good, right into the Qana sand trap!"
"That's gonna cost him."

The fact is, this is not a game, it's war and the fact that Hizballah is playing with a bigger handicap makes no difference. They can declare victory all that they want, Hizballah's endurance will gain them no reward, it will only destroy their country.